Ningbo Kewei Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Kewei Robot Technology Co., Ltd.


Pickup and spray all-in-one machine series

■ This series of products is suitable for 160-900-ton die-casting equipment;

■ The machine is driven by an imported servo motor, which has the characteristics of fast speed and precise position. The standard specification robot can move at a speed of 2.5m/s, and the work efficiency of the machine can be greatly improved;

Pickup spray double arm machine series

■ This series of products is suitable for 400T-3000T die-casting equipment;

■ The structure of this series of products has one arm for pick-up, one arm for spraying, and works in turns without interfering with each other. The structure is more reasonable and the mechanical efficiency is higher;

Mosaic machine series

■ Independent innovation, break the tradition. This linear robot has become another choice for die-casting inlays. Traditional manual inlays and six-axis robot inlays have their own defects today.

■ Manual mosaic, first of all, the cost of labor will increase, the labor intensity is heavy, the working conditions are harsh, and it is difficult to find suitable workers. Second, product quality cannot be controlled, and production efficiency is also uncertain.

Soup series

■ The machine adopts self-developed five-linkage structure, which makes the running track of the machine more reasonable, the feeding and feeding action is smoother, and the fast and slow speed positions are more accurate, which fully meets the high-demand die-casting feeding function;

■ The main accessories and electrical components are all imported originals, with fast response, low failure rate, high efficiency, stability and longer service life;

Ningbo Kewei Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Kewei Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of automation equipment. The company has accumulated rich experience and mature technology for many years, providing customers with High-performance overall automation solutions.

Since its establishment, Kewei has always adhered to the principle of 'quality first, service first' The business philosophy has laid a solid foundation for Kewei's rapid development. In terms of quality management, Kewei actively implements lS09001 quality management system management, establishes a strict quality management responsibility system, and implements assessment and tracking. Every link is checked at every level and strives for excellence, so as to truly achieve zero defect products. In terms of service, Kewei adheres to the service concept of "honesty and trustworthiness, heart and responsibility", starting from the market and customer needs, and providing customers with comprehensive, personalized and considerate services 24 hours a day.

Kewei Company focuses on the automation and production of die-casting machines, and continuously expands the peripheral automation intelligent robots. Looking for the most satisfactory solution in customer demands, from product design and development to production and manufacturing, Kewei Company challenges, leaps and overcomes difficulties time and time again. Today, Kewei has KWA pick-up spray series, KWG soup dispenser series, KWY oil pressure Trimming series, KWC conveyor belt series, KWS pick-up spray double-arm machine series and KWX mosaic machine series. Products are widely used in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, mobile phone manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, food packaging, communication electronics, medical supplies, etc., and gradually become a reliable high-quality supplier of the industry for customers.

In the future, Kewei will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "innovation, pragmatism, efficiency and responsibility", develop together with all new and old customers, and continue to operate.